100 Fukushima Nuclear Headlines – Why Japans 2020 Olympics Might Wreck The Nuclear Industry

Should the next recovery Olympics be in Chernobyl Nuclear Wasteland or Hanford Nuclear Site or Santa Susanna Nuclear Meltdown etc etc etc etc . Maybe North Korea should have a recovery Olympic seeming as how USA burned every community to the ground with insidious Napalmed .

Maybe have a recovery Olympics for Syria where they flattened every building every house every outhouse every tree and created 7 million refugees to get a lousy 10,000 ISIS/ISIL . Maybe they should have a recovery Olympics for the Marshall Island & Bikini Atoll or the French Polynesia’s nuclear wasteland .

If you want the Olympics to be a catalysis for Fukushima recovery you will have to hold every Olympic there for the next 100,000 years but it still will not be recovered because that is how nuclear fallout works .