$11 Trillion and Counting: Global Stock Slump May Not Be Over

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by Boo_Randy

$11 trillion in fake “wealth” created by central bank funny money vaporized…with far worse to come as Tech Bubble 2.0 and Housing Bubble 2.0 look set to be the catalysts for the implosion of the Fed’s Everything Bubble. If that isn’t a reason to trade your Yellen Bux confetti for real money, I don’t know what is.

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A mass exodus of money, an $11 trillion wipeout, and the worst losing streak for global stocks since the 2008 financial crisis. The bad news is that it may not be over yet.

The selloff in the MSCI ACWI Index has dramatically lowered valuations of companies across the US and Europe, but strategists ranging from Michael Wilson at Morgan Stanley to Robert Buckland at Citigroup Inc. expect stocks to fall further amid worries of high inflation, hawkish central banks and slowing economic growth, especially in the US.

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