$115B in Aid To Ukraine Is A Bad Idea

I wrote an article yesterday (published just hours ago) proposing that the extra $50 billion in aid that Congress is expected to send to Ukraine was a bad idea. That brings the grand total in total aid from the U.S. – if passed – to $115 billion

Why is this a bad idea?

Because U.S. aid is the only thing propping up the Ukrainian resistance – allowing the suffering to continue as the likelihood of a nuclear exchange increases; meanwhile US domestic spending priorities are being neglected while we send an eleven-figure sum to Ukraine.

And for what?

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Territory in eastern Ukraine that serves no strategic purpose for the United States; territory that is not worth the U.S. investment nor the risk of nuclear war.

I proposed as an alternative to sending unlimited amounts of aid to Ukraine that the US initiate some sort of peace settlement between Ukraine and Russia.



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