13 Days Into the 2nd Longest Government Shutdown in 20 Years, No Solution in Sight

via MarketWatch:

At 13 days in length as of Thursday, the current partial government shutdown is starting to move up the record books.

So far, it already ranks as the second-longest shutdown in more than 20 years, topped only by a 16-day closure during the Obama administration that began in September 2013.

Going back more than 40 years, the current shutdown ranks as the fourth longest. Ahead of it are the 2013 shutdown, one during the Clinton era that lasted 21 days and began in December 1995, and one during the Carter presidency that lasted 17 days and began in September 1978.

The chart below, based on Congressional Research Service data, shows how the current shutdown compares to others.

Analysts have noted the impact of the current shutdown is limited, because it’s only affecting agencies that represent about 25% of total government spending.

The ongoing shutdown has been sparked by a dispute over money for a proposed border wall.