1720 Plague, 1820 Cholera Outbreak, 1920 Spanish Flu, 2020 Chinese Coronavirus

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The year 1720:
In 1720 there was the last pandemic of large-scale bubonic plague, also called The Great Plague of Marseille. Records show that the bacterium killed around 100,000 people in Marseille.
It is assumed that the bacterium was spread by flies infected with this bacterium.

The year 1820:
The first recordings of a cholera pandemic occurred in 1820, which took place in Asia, in the countries of Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. In the year 1820, there are registered over 100,000 deaths in Asia caused by this bacterium. The pandemic is supposed to have started from people who drank water from lakes contaminated with this bacterium.

The year 1920:
The Spanish Flu took place 100 years ago, at that time people were dealing with the H1N1 flu virus that had suffered a genetic mutation making it much more dangerous than the normal virus. This virus infected 500 million people and killed over 100 million people worldwide, this pandemic was the deadliest in recorded history.

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The year 2020:
It seems that history repeats itself every 100 years, is this just a coincidence?
Nowadays China is facing a pandemic of large proportions, 5 cities in China with a population of 11 million inhabitants are quarantined, completely isolated from the rest of the world.

Coronavirus, the virus that China is facing has already killed 774 people so far, despite efforts by the government and other institutions to quarantine entire cities, it seems that the virus has managed to spread beyond China’s borders.



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