1979 vs 2019 – a completely honest comparison of horror

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by noexagerrations


40 years – how far have we come ??

no exaggerations, no lies , here you go

1) in 1979 , an earnest and timely debate was conducted on whether it was time to have a woman Supreme Court Justice, and whether any women were qualified

in 2019 , an earnest and timely debate was conducted on whether justice RBG was dead, replaced by a double, being cloned in a govt cloning facility, her worked being fraudulently done and covered up by staffers, other justices, the entire judicial branch , and hidden behind national security, NDAs, and (redacted)

2) in 1979 , a person could take his brand new Sony Walkman, a couple of spare maxell d90 cassette mix tapes, and listen ALL DAY to his favorite music

in 2019 , a person could listen to all the same music, skip ahead instead of rewind, but due to the LOUDNESS wars and digital remastering, listen to worse versions of the same songs

3) in 1979, the Alaskan Pipeline ,was on its way to pump BILLIONS of barrels, for dozens of years,
of oil to the USA , with almost ZERO accidents

in 2019, with the Keysone XL pipeline in lawsuit limbo, tanker car, yes tanker cars of oil had numberous accidents and spills, and were intentionally inefficient

4) in 1979 , movies with strong female leads like Alien, Norma Rae, and even Buck Rogers (Wilma) , could be looked up to by women young and old

in 2019 , movies with poorly written female leads were everywhere, and were complained about by women young and old , and men , and reviewers

5) in 1979 , life expectancy in the west was about 80

in 2019 , after decades of tech advances , life expectancy in the west was about 80

6) in 1979, most of your computer printing could be done by pushing the PRINT key , or Cntl P

in 2019 , most of your printing was unable to be done unless Timmy the Nerd from IT spent 2 hours loading new drivers, synching the computers , pinging this, cabling that , and taking 2 hours

7) in 1979 , the total US national debt was 1 trillion dollars (4.4t in current)

in 2019 , the total US national debt was 25 trillion dollars, with unfunded liabilities over 100 trillion

8) in 1979 , a large company , like SEARS with its catalog – could keep track of millions of customer accounts, numbers, subscriptions, orders, demographics, accounting , and a dozen other parameters

using 80 column paper punchcard machines with notepaper and pen backup

in 2019 – the largest tech company in the world can not keep track of video views, subscriptions, numbers, and the simplest of statistics, and a dozen other metrics, despite being a tech company

9) in 1979, an average salary in USA manufacturing was 20 dollars (sometimes inflation adj)

in 2019 , an average salary in USA manufacturing is 20 dollars

10) in 1979, the Lindbergh baby case was still unsolved

in 2019 , the Lindbergh baby case was already solved in 1930

11) in 1979 , Sweden had a population of exactly 8 million Scandinavians, with just over 500 rapes per year occurring

in 2018 , Sweden with a population of still exactly 8 million Scandinavians PLUS 2 million other (10m total) ,had over 8000 reported rapes, possibly 7000 more that the police would not write down, plus gang rapes and mayhem

12) in 1979, some people were replacing their rotary dial phone, which lasted 40 years without a problem, with a touch tone phone that would last 30 years without a problem

in 2019 , some people dropped their new 1000 dollar phone , and the screen cracked in the first week

13) in 1979 gridiron football, 2 feet , or one knee down, with control , was a catch

in 2019 , studio analysts in suits and ties debated the pages and pages of rules, and no one can figure out what is and what is not a catch , challenge flags , referee debates, commissioner statements, anger , endless replay, and idiocy rule

14) in 1979 – a 40 year old man visited his parents , at his childhood home,

and marvelled that the laminate kitchen counter top there lasted over 30 years with only a few chips and dings

in 2019 – a 40 year old man cringed that he just spent 80000 dollars so his wife could redo their kitchen , and make it all white, because her friend Becky has an all white kitchen which is ‘in’ , even thought the previous one was completely fine, and his wife does not even cook. oh yeah , the new marble counter tops chip easily , and have to be sealed EVERY YEAR

15) in 1979 – on a rainy day a mom could put her kids in the corner of the living room with the Atari 2600 , where they could be entertained for a few hours while she monitored them, until they went outside later

in 2019 – on a rainy day a mom could put her kids in the corner of the living room with a new gaming console, where they were half entertained while the tv , and the console, and Siri, and the security system, and the thermostat monitored them, and when the weather cleared they still stayed inside – bc no one plays outside anymore



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