1987 Stock Market Crash Deja Vu? Bullish If It Is!

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by Chris Kimble

The market action of late reminds me of what I experienced in 1987.

If we are repeating the 87 stock market crash, it could be bullish, as the lows could be in play already.

In today’s 2-pack, I highlight the similarities and what to watch for.

In 1986-1987 (left chart), the S&P 500 rallied from 230 to 340 over 13 months before falling 35 percent. It then rallied sharply before giving back gains and putting in a higher low.

2020 deja vu? You can’t make up the similarities in numbers! During 2018-2020 (right chart), the S&P 500 rallied from 2300 to 3400 over 15 months before falling 35 percent. We have once again rallied sharply.

This article was first written for See It Markets.com. To see the original post CLICK HERE.

Would you like even more details comparing 1987 to 2020? If so, watch the 10-minute video below.

I did a Kimble Shorts video on this topic, that goes into deeper detail about the similarities between 1987 and 2020….CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE 10 MINUTE VIDEO


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