2 SWAT Officers suspended for running in to help at Parkland Massacre

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Just what on earth is going on in Florida? First we have the Broward County Sheriff’s responding nearly 40 times to the suspects house and no meaningful arrests every came of it. Then the FBI admits they dropped the ball. Broward Sheriff’s where hailed as heros, even though it came out they where cowards. Coral Springs PF rushed in right in. Now we have two SWAT Officers suspended for responding to a school shooting that they where in close proximity to. It’s not like they played hero and drove in from miles away. It sounds like the people in charge don’t appreciate officers interfering with false flags.
2 SWAT Officers Suspended After Running In At Parkland Massacre

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The Miramar police have suspended two members from the SWAT team who responded to the school shooting without orders.

Miramar, FL – The Miramar Police Department has suspended two officers from their SWAT team for responding to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting without having orders to do so.
When the first reports of an active shooter came out, the Miramar officers were in training in Coral Springs, nearby the Parkland high school, and they rushed to assist in stopping the carnage that left 17 students and faculty fatally shot, and another 16 wounded, on Valentine’s Day, the Miami Herald reported.

The police response to the mass shooting at the school – specifically that of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office – has been highly criticized for the incident commander’s failure to use updated active-shooter response methods.
Broward County Sheriff’s Captain Jan Jordan has been criticized for ordering officers to set up a perimeter rather than sending them in to stop the shooter, whose whereabouts were still unknown.

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