2014 Obama Order Releasing 36,000 Criminal Illegal Aliens On US Streets – Crime?

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by Thinker

Where was the outrage by Americans when a crime against them was committed by their own government? If the act of releasing over 30,000 illegal criminals onto the streets of America wasn’t a crime against the people, I don’t know what was. Obama, the illegal immigrant showing Americans who comes first, and now that his eight years are over, the truth is showing everywhere, not only in the Inspector Generals report. Obama’s actions and executive orders didn’t show a man who supported Americans, but every immigrant in the world!

While thousands Americans filled the streets protesting the separation of immigrant families, one needs to think about you organized such an event. There aren’t Americans in the streets protesting the wars that have help to fill them with opioid addicts. There aren’t Americans in the streets protesting about the separation of American families by Social Services. There aren’t Americans in the street asking where the missing $9 trillion is the Pentagon can’t find. There aren’t Americans in the street asking what happened to the $30 billion in gold stolen from the falling twin towers. So, who pays for the protesters that are supposed to be Americans in the street crying for immigrants?

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Thousands Showed Up at the Families Belong Together March in LA to Protest Trump’s Immigration Laws – Paid to Protest? Where are the people of color in the protests? Fake media? 2000 children missing a day in the U.S., where are the protest? Fake media….

There was a hearing! No one was held accountable under the Obama/Clinton administration! Does anyone know now why there is fear of a Trump investigation into the past practices of a presidential administration? Fraud and corruption were being exposed and time after time the cover up continues. Listen Americans…. over 80,000 illegal…NON AMERICANS released onto the streets of the USA! How many murdered after their release? “Deep State” crimes against the people of the Untied States. Where is the outrage of Americans to have the Obama/Clinton administration and the crimes against the people by their actions putting and promoting death on the streets of the United States. The “Drain the Swamp” campaign is going to bring this story back on the table when it comes to immigrants. What’s worse children separated from their families or the criminal who is waiting to rape your wife and daughter?

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CAUGHT ON TAPE: Paid Protesters Get Off Bus, Go To Protest

Alistair Williamson of Stock Board Asset recently caught raw footage of protesters getting off buses in Baltimore and going straight to a Trump protest. Exposing “deep state” satanic acts against the people of the United States. Know the face of those who don’t support unity, freedom, and the American people!


Trump protesters admit George Soros pays them to protest and get tattoos


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