2015 "Economist Magazine" Cover; came out in January 2015; Showed us exactly what was planned for us,… Right on target so far!

Seriously, the cover of the 2015 Economist magazine, the title says “The World in 2015” has so many hidden sick meanings in it.
The elite was so obvious in your face of “hello, this is what we have planned for you idiots, get ready and prepare for your doom. This is your warning.”
Because the illuminati elite satanic Rothschild clan consider themselves to be gentlemen, lol!
Just makes me so mad. How many things have already come to pass?
The panda bear set off the market crash. You can see the coins and money falling and come crashing down. The giant explosion that sent Cyanide poisoning across Asia and beyond can be clearly seen in the bomb eruption,…
So many things.
Thanks satanic Luciferian elitists. Jesus will return really soon and your time is short. Then we will see who has the last laugh. “Vengeance is mine sayith the LORD GOD!!!”

A lot seems to be going down.
I will not be surprised in any way if the Dow Jones and the rest of the world completely crash this week. I am basically holding my breath. I have a lot of my resources tied up in the market, that I will lose if this crash happens, God forbid. BUT, I can’t, we can’t live in a box and never take any type of risk. SO, I am keeping my money in the investment accounts. What goes down must come back up.
The rich get richer by pouring all their money into the markets when there is mass panic and sell off.