#FISA January 2017 Comey told President-elect Trump FBI didn’t know if Steele allegations true, and “FBI not investigating them” Note: IG Horowitz reports “In mid-November and December 2016, FBI officials travelled abroad” to asses credibility Steele p182.

by kinbergfan   Most overlooked part of this whole affair and to my mind the most egregious. On January 5th 2017 then president Obama instructed elements of the DoJ to … Read more

Eric Ciaramella Attorney, January 2017: “Coup Has Started” – July 2017: “We Will Remove Him”… Sundance points out that the current impeachment process is part of a coup continuum, and everything around the whistleblower is part of a long-ago planned and pre-constructed operation.

by sundance A few people have started looking at the connections behind Mark Zaid, the attorney for CIA “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella.  What is starting to emerge is evidence of what CTH outlined … Read more