2018 is the year of the mass shooting psyop. Each one is designed to move-forward specific legislation, chipping away at the Second Amendment bit by bit.

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They’re coming for the Veteran’s guns next.
Any vet who’s sought help for PTSD will likely be disarmed.
This has been a high priority for the globalist gun-grabbers since the Obama administration, when the Department of Homeland Security considered returning veterans a threat (in a 2009 DHS report exposed by the alternative media: fas.org/irp/eprint/rightwing.pdf ).

YOUNTVILLE, Calif. (AP) — The man who killed three women after a daylong siege at a Northern California veterans home had trouble adjusting to regular life after he returned from the Afghanistan war and had been kicked out of the treatment program designed to help him.
As family and friends of the victims tried to make sense of the tragedy, authorities offered little information Saturday about why Albert Wong, 36, attacked The Pathway Home and whether he targeted his victims. Those who knew the women said they had dedicated their lives to helping those suffering like Wong, and they would’ve been in a good position to assist him had Friday’s hostage situation ended differently.
“We lost three beautiful people yesterday,” Yountville Mayor John Dubar said. “We also lost one of our heroes who clearly had demons that resulted in the terrible tragedy that we all experienced here.”
Authorities said Wong, a former Army rifleman who served a year in Afghanistan in 2011-2012 and returned highly decorated, went to the campus about 50 miles (85 kilometers) north of San Francisco on Friday morning, slipping into a going-away party for some employees of The Pathway Home. He let some people leave, but kept the three.

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4 thoughts on “2018 is the year of the mass shooting psyop. Each one is designed to move-forward specific legislation, chipping away at the Second Amendment bit by bit.

  1. Blaming an inanimate object for the actions of a disturbed man, who by duty and honor served his country – then betrayed of treatment, and care, then used as a tool by a section of deviant minded leftwing gungrabberists – who despise the 2nd, as it interferes with their world dominance stance – really has to take a place for the line-up of ‘Douche of the Year Award !’

  2. One must also consider leftwing Hollywood’s(hypocritic) contribution to Gun Culture – Art has a tendency to imitate life – BUT there has to be recognition that Life also Imitates Art – this is the point of propaganda and advertising, the darkside is that ‘Shootings’ are injected to young minds as Normalcy! Then throw in some SSRi’s and careful monitoring, then cloud with the ‘Silver Lining’ becomes the modus operandi! Victory by Deception!

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