What Happens When Corporations, The Nation, States & Cities All Cry ‘Bail-Out’ At The Same Time?

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Mike Rivero interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

Outspoken independent radio host and founder of WhatReallyHappened.com, Mike Rivero, returns to Reluctant Preppers to add his piercing commentary to recent tragedies, and to sound the alarm that we are on the verge of unprecedented mass insolvency at every level of business and government. Rivero brings us back to focusing on what we can control, and where to begin taking care of business NOW!


Mass tragedies: Why are we being told to generalize from specific incidents to surrendering constitutional protection, but when other forms of lethal tools are used, there’s no such coordinated outcry?

Insolvent corporations, nations, states and cities- what happens when they all cry BAILOUT at the same time?

Pension funds and social security.. poised to crumble?

All wars are bankers wars… revisited.

Cryptos’ purpose, under attack, & future?

Real risks we’re not being told about!

Priority preparedness steps to take now!


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