2019 could be a stellar year for gold

From Yahoo Finance:

Gold has gotten a boost over the past three months, rising more than 4%, as investors flock to so-called “safe-haven” trades, and the commodity is headed even higher in 2019, according to strategists.

“Volatility has reemerged across markets generally — commodities, equities, etc. If that volatility persists, it will be key. It is going to push investors to perceived safe havens like gold,” Chris Louney, commodities strategist at RBC Capital Markets, told Yahoo Finance.

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Fears of an economic slowdown coupled with trade worries between the U.S. and China have sent the U.S. stock market tumbling since October. All three of the major indices closed in correction territory, or down more than 10% from their recent highs, on Friday.

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“If U.S. growth slows, due to a sugar rush from tax cuts as well as trade wars, then investors may continue to seek gold. Meanwhile, a rapid economic slowdown could see gold flows match those seen during the 2008-2009 financial crisis,” John Reade, chief market strategist at the World Gold Council, said…

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