2019-nCov: Bio weapon or not, humanity is facing its BIGGEST humanitarian crisis in modern history

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Regardless of the fact that the coronavirus is a bio weapon or not, the situation in the quarantined zones will get worse.

Think about it for a minute with Wuhan as an example: 11 million citizens in quarantine, no traffic going in or out.

Supermarkets and stores including pharmacies are going to run out of food in days without supplies. Animals for the food market are going to start dying off without any means of feeding them.

How would the government be able to help these people? Going door to door with soldiers in hazmat suits? Without supplies in two weeks Wuhan will be a ghost town – literally.

And that’s just one town of a total of 100+ million in quarantine right now. Unless the quarantine of these cities is lifted and soon things will get biblical within two weeks.

It is happening – it really is.

The only question remaining is will you ignore the possibility it is going to happen to your city?


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