Flashback To A Don Lemon-Hosted Segment’s Previous Attack On Trump Supporters

CNN panel sparks outrage by calling Kanye West the ‘token negro of the Trump administration’ as they ‘mock’ his mental health.

  • A segment appeared on Tuesday night’s CNN Tonight with Don Lemon in which a black commentator said Kanye is ‘the token negro of the Trump administration’
  • Another black commentator said ‘Kanye West is what happens when negros don’t read,’ referencing a Chris Rock stand-up routine from the 1990s
  • CNN is now under fire as Don Jr tweeted that the commentators were ‘mocking him’ and journalists claim they are making fun of his mental health
  • The rapper has revealed in recent months that he suffers from Bipolar Disorder
  • The comments came ahead of Kanye’s visit to the White House Thursday where he went on a 10 minute rant in front of the president

CNN Don Lemon panel faces intense backlash for mocking Trump supporters as illiterate ‘credulous rubes’


HE HATES YOU. HE REALLY HATES YOU: Don Lemon Digs a Deeper Hole with His Terrible Apology, Denying Obvious Bigotry.

Related (From Ed): Name another industry that demonstrates that much open contempt for its potential customers Or as they say at the Washington Post, “Yeah, I’m in the media, screw you.”

Ed Morrissey adds that, not surprisingly, RNC quickly drops new campaign ad off CNN elitist faceplant. “Get ready for more iterations on this theme, because these claims will only get more and more prevalent as we get closer to November. The Democratic convention in July will likely have their video editors busy for weeks cutting new versions of this ad. By that time, the fact that both Democrats and the media haven’t learned that calling people idiots and racists isn’t an effective selling point will be revealing enough about the true issues of mental capacity in this market.”

OFT EVIL WILL SHALL EVIL MAR: Don Lemon Did Trump a Huge Favor. “A video of CNN news anchor Don Lemon laughing hysterically as his guests mocked Donald Trump’s supporters went viral this week — and it couldn’t have been a more effective campaign ad for the president. . . . Make no mistake: Clips like this embolden Trump’s supporters. They don’t see this sort of mockery and start to question their beliefs — rather, it just strengthens their view that it is them (and Trump) against the world. It makes them more loyal to the president, not less.”

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And rightly so. When people tell you they hate you and hold you in contempt, believe them.



Tennessee Lawmaker Introduces Bill Labeling CNN, Washington Post as ‘Fake News’

Tennessee State Rep. Micah Van Huss (R) on Wednesday has proposed legislation in the state’s General Assembly which would recognize CNN and the Washington Post as fake news.

The filed bill brands CNN and the Post as both fake news and part of the media wing of the Democratic Party. The text also accuses the corporate media outlets of denigrating our citizens and implying that they are weak-minded followers instead of people exercising their rights that our veterans paid for with their blood — an apparent reference to a recent CNN segment, in which anchor Don Lemon and guests Rick Wilson and Wajahat Ali laughed and mocked Trump supporters as illiterate credulous rubes.

In a Facebook post, Van Huss wrote that he filed the bill on behalf of voters who are tired of fake news and Republicans who refuse to confront it.


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