2020 is a census Year. What you need to know.

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Many people are not aware, but, no one * in America, is required to fill a Census on a non Census year, regardless of what they tell you. Constitutional law says otherwise. A Census is take every ten years.

Any other form of Census is non-obligatory, if it does not fall on a census year.

A Census is only required every 10 years and 2020 is a Census year.

Any Census taken during a non Census year is non-obligatory, regardless of any claim otherwise.

You do NOT need to comply to a Census taken during a non Census year. The law plainly shows it is not mandatory to comply to a Census, other than during a Census year.

However, A Census is required to be taken every ten years, and is obligatory.


This year, you are obligated to supply Census data.

As much as I hate it……….it is Constitutional law.

I will comply with the 2020 Census, but I won’t comply to other Census taken in off season.

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