If I were you I probably wouldn’t ignore this

by Wildthing3

I would like constructive (only) feed back on my theory please.

Okay guys, I’ve tried to restrain myself on this whole coronavirus thing and I think I’ve done pretty well, lol. I have, however, been doing a ton of research. Probably more than you’d care to read about. So I’m going to be as brief as possible.

First, let me say that there is no need for panic. most US citizens are not at risk for getting the pathological changes in their lungs that are causing deaths in China.

As a matter of fact, as of yesterday, there were 1,770 deaths from the Coronavirus. All of them, with the exception of FOUR occurred in China. I have done research on the four people that have died and found that ALL OF THEM had connections to Asia.

Why is this important?

Keep in mind that as of today, there are 77,000 people diagnosed with the Coronavirus. 26 different countries have reported cases of the virus. Yet only 4 deaths outside of China?

It’s been 7 weeks since China admitted they had a pandemic on their hands, surely we’d be seeing a higher death rate outside of China by now, especially because many think the Coronavirus started at least 1 month prior to China’s official announcement.

So here’s why I am almost positive based on what we’ve seen so far, that US citizens have nothing to worry about.

Back when the SARs virus was going around, researchers created a vaccine for it. Unfortunately, they found this (I will not change the wording, I’m leaving it exactly as it was written).

“The researchers created vaccines based on SARS-CoV S and SARS-CoV N by taking the genes coding for those proteins and inserting them into another type of virus particle that acted as a delivery vehicle. They injected mice with these vaccines and then tested whether the mice generated an immune response against the specific SARS proteins, which they did. The next step was to work out whether mice injected with the vaccines would be protected against later infection with SARS-CoV. The researchers found that mice injected with vaccine based on SARS-CoV S were protected against later infection with a standard SARS-CoV strain, both in the short term (eight weeks after vaccination) and the long term (54 weeks after vaccination). However, the vaccine based on SARS-CoV N did not seem to result in protection, and, worryingly, caused pathological changes in the lungs of mice following virus challenge.”

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Now, fast forward to the Coronavirus….Here is the genome sequencing for the Coronavirus (known as 2019-N CoV)…


Do I expect you to read and understand all of this? NO!
What I want you to see is this paragraph:

“2019-nCoV antibodies against the N protein would likely recognize and bind the SARS-CoV N protein as well. N antibodies do not provide immunity to 2019-nCoV infection, but the cross reactivity with SARS-CoV N protein would allow a serum based assay to determine exposure to the novel CoV in asymptomatic cases.”

So what does all of this mean?

In layman’s terms, a vaccine was made for the SARS virus. Researchers then found that when they reinfected mice with SARS again 54 weeks after vaccination, they saw pathological changes in the lungs of the vaccinated mice.

This same exact protein is is the 2019 -nCoV virus. So, what do you think is going to happen to the people who already had the SARs vaccine and now get re-infected? You’re seeing it! They get pnuemonia (and worse) and die! And WHERE do you think the people who got SARs vaccines live? In Asian countries, most in CHINA where SARs originated!

Can you get the coronavirus? YES
You can get any virus.
Will you die from it? Probably not, unless you are already very compromised OR have had the SARs vaccine.

Of course, the powers to be will NEVER admit that a vaccine is actually causing these deaths, but look at the entire picture, so far, my theory is proving to be true. Time will tell.


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