206 Civilians Killed by US Airstrikes in Eastern Syria in November: At least 77 children slain in US attacks on towns

by axolotl_peyotl

It’s truly shocking and appalling that one of the only “news” outlets reporting these numbers in any significant way is “antiwar.com”.

This is further proof that the Mockingbird Media is one of the main drivers of public opinion, and this is to the detriment of a free and peaceful society.

It’s incredible that the MSM could whip up the public into a frenzy over the death of a Deep State-linked “journalist”, and yet there is scant mention of the 77 children the US quite literally murdered in the last 30 days.

It’s unconscionable and hits at the heart of the corruption in society today.

We’ve gone past needing to feel ashamed of ourselves…we are now complicit in genocide.

History will not be kind to this era.

via antiwar:


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has issued a new report over the weekend summarizing the massive civilian death toll of US-led airstrikes against a handful of eastern towns in Syria. At least 206 civilians were killed in November in those strikes.

The strikes center on three towns and some adjoining villages under ISIS control along the Iraq border. Kurdish YPG forces are attacking the towns, and the US is trying to provide air support, which mostly means bombing populated areas in the towns themselves.

The observatory’s previous reports have indicated that a lot of the civilians killed were suspected of being family members of ISIS fighters. At least 77 children and 57 women are among the slain civilians.


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