$21 Trillion: “Missing Money”

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by Dave


I’ve been going over and over in my head what “missing money” means.  Let’s review.

Dr. Mark Skidmore did an analysis of the DoD and HUD budgets from 1998-2015.  He and his students found that there were $21 trillion dollars in undocumentable adjustments, for a budget that started out at $271 billion in 1998 and ended at $637 billion in 2015.


Let’s estimate DoD official funding for that period was roughly $10 trillion.  Say HUD added another $750 billion.  Against that, the bean-counters had adjustments of about 200% of that.  Skidmore asserts that a more normal “adjustment” number for a large organization is maybe 3%.

A “debunking” site claims this is just an accounting issue that (in part) basically doesn’t deal well with estimating the value of our Aircraft Carriers (assessing how much the USS Nimitz is worth, they claim, is an “unsupportable adjustment”).  My summary of their article is reductive; I supply a link to it below.


Presumably, this particular issue – accounting for military equipment and pensions – has been around for quite literally centuries.  The US military has had ships, planes, and tanks on the books, and accounted for them somehow, in ways that in the past were “supportable.”  However in the past 20 years, the US military has suddenly become incapable of doing basic accounting.  Does this make sense to you?  It doesn’t make sense to me.

Furthermore, no less than the US Constitution requires accounting for expenditures, so presumably, such accounting has been a requirement of the armed forces since the founding of the Republic.

“No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.” ~ Article I, Section 9, Clause 7, The US Constitution

Right.  So the “accounting incompetence” explanation makes zero sense.  The DoD didn’t just get stupid over the past 20 years.

I also heard something new from CAF’s latest interview.  She might have been saying it all along, but it just penetrated into my brain.  Undocumentable adjustments could be hiding both expenditures and revenues.  Is it possible for the DoD to make money?

Where might the DoD be getting revenues?  Well, in Iraq, there was a lot of conquered territory.  And oil got sold.  Maybe that was a revenue source.  Or CIA running drugs.  Or selling arms.  Why does Mexico have such trouble with their drug lords?  Perhaps the CIA is using the US national technical apparatus to fly top cover for the cartels, and extracting a percentage in return.  Or the mortgage frauds; CAF suggests that there were bank bailouts in 2008 whose totals exceeded the amounts of every mortgage loan in America at the time.  Perhaps that “bank bailout money” was laundered via the banks, who dutifully took their cut, and then into HUD, and then concealed through a collection of “undocumentable adjustments.”

CAF is alleging a hidden system of finance where an out-of-control branch of the government has very significant off-books revenues and spending – revenues from fraud or seizure, and then spending it on black budget programs to do – whatever they want, with the banksters being the money-launderers.  (No banker was ever prosecuted for those egregious bank frauds during 2005-2008…and yet, Mueller seems very intent on convicting everyone for lying to the FBI.  Curious, that.)  And the accounting for all of it is covered up by the $21 trilion in undocumentable adjustments.

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And nobody dares investigate this, because the well-funded gang in charge has (through our NSA total surveillence system) collected dirt on everyone, and as soon as anyone becomes important, they are owned.  Everyone is guilty of something – finding it is the key.  With total surveillence, that’s easy.  You just go back in history, read through all their email traffic, and you’ll be sure to find some thread to pull on.  That’s a system that J. Edgar Hoover would have given his left nut to have.

So: the hidden system of finance, complete with off-books revenues and spending, covered up by the “undocumentable adjustments” (which are now blessed and made allegedly legal by FASAB-56 – although such a blessing would seem to be unconstitutional on its face) allows the shadow government to fund some pretty extraordinary operations, making people rich along the way who cooperate, and providing “light plane” or “weightlifting” accidents to those who don’t, and enforced through total surveillence and blackmail.

How much off-books money are we talking about?  If $21 trillion is representative, that’s basically $10 trillion in revenues, and $10 trillion in spending over 18 years, or about the same as the DoD budget, or about 6% of GDP.  Its a big number, but not a stone-cold crazy number.   And the money isn’t actually gone.  The $21 trillion in adjustments could be covering up both revenues and expenses for an off-books deep state-within-a-state.

After all, if you have a “deep state”, it needs funding.  CAF loves “following the money” because that’s the trail they can’t really erase.  And just perhaps, this is how they have covered it up.




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