25 Ex-Soldiers Plotting Military Coup Arrested in Massive Raid by German Police

by Chris Black

Crazy story if what they are accusing these guys of is true.

Don’t sleep on the Germans.

Here’s the truth about post WW 2 Germany:

Germany’s post-war constitution was authored by a vicious Jew named Karl Loewenstein, who was brought to the country by the Allied occupation. It is based around the concept of “Militant Democracy,” which holds that the political interests of the majority must be ruthlessly suppressed in order to preserve freedom for minorities.

In other words, it is illegal to represent the will of ethnic Germans under German law. It is functionally no different from how the East German state operated during the Cold War, except BRD is way more hostile to indigenous Germans.

The “German” militant “democracy” model has been exported throughout Europe via the European Union and is informally being applied in the US today.

I don’t know what the bottom of the barrel is for our rulers, but I do know that they don’t give a damn about anyone’s rights.

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This is why nationalists need a lot of lawyers and high quality journalism, which are two important methods to battle this oppression. A political organization walking into the arena expecting its rights to be respected in a vacuum will be immediately cut down.

If during this process you can get a faction of the military on your side, even better.

The German constitution states that any right wing political party which challenges the preordained liberal globalist policy consensus must be banned as soon as it starts winning elections.

In a situation like that, German’s have two choices: military rebellion or a mass street movement that topples the regime.

Patriots inside of the German military-surveillance-intelligence complex: instead of planning whimsical monarchist coups,  write a book or manual on how Germans can thwart the secret police’s tactics and technology.

The main reason mass nationalist political movements are difficult to get to take off or get subverted in Western nations compared to poorer nations is that the secret surveillance apparatus is highly advanced.  Germany is probably the most totalitarian nation on the planet because its domestic intelligence operatives are highly competent.

If a German Edward Snowden just tells people how it works and what its weaknesses are, then this problem can be overcome.


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