$25 Trillion ASSET CRASH just Started

Discounted Assets across the Housing & Stock Market will appear in 2022 & 2023 as the Biggest Market Crash Ever unfolds.

The combined value of Housing & Stock Market is nearly 300% of GDP in the middle of 2022 – by far an all-time high. The reason Asset Prices are in such as big Bubble is because the Federal Reserve artificially suppressed Interest Rates for the last 20 Years.

But now that Inflation is raging, and Jerome Powell is determined to fight this Inflation, Interest Rates are surging. And surging Interest Rates is ultimately what is going to cause the Biggest Housing & Stock Market Crash of all-time. Cheap Houses and Stocks coming soon.

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The forecast for how soon, and how big the Crash will be, depends on the Federal Reserve. Currently the CME Fed Watch Tool projects that short-term Interest Rates will increase to 3.5% by early 2023, which would be the highest they’ve been since 2007. Such a large increase in short-term interest rates will likely wreak havoc on the economy, causing a Recession.

That Recession will then likely result in the Federal Reserve slowing or even reversing their Interest Rate hikes. At the same time the unemployment rate will likely be increasing significantly, creating big problems for Asset Prices by reducing demand for Houses and Stocks, as well as hurting Corporate Earnings.



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