0:00however you need to understand
0:03bad the technologies that we have
0:06and we’re discussing are not theoretical we have actionable intelligence
0:10that any company in congress or
0:13executive action can find good regarding current
0:17operations I just wanna go through a list that them very quickly
0:20up these facilities and corporations
0:23for which we have witnesses who a can be subpoenaed
0:27by the committee so the congress up this was developed have to request a
0:32congressman christopher cox
0:34Orange County and with whom I met and was later to put further develop for
0:39the briefing for that we put together for President Obama these facilities are
0:44the Edwards Air Force Base
0:46and subsections where I’ll net the
0:49dry lake bed where lockheed skunkworks operations
0:53heats to haystack Butte China lakes
0:56George Air Force Base and the clothes morton
0:59Air Force Base were in anti-gravity device a car deal in reproduction
1:04for which we have the schematic Swiss seen by Frank Carlucci
1:07and others on our witness team a tabletop mountain
1:11and blackjack control up the airspace facilities there
1:16or the Northrop Ampthill facility t-con
1:19ranch the mcdonnell-douglas law no plan Lockheed Martin Howe and El plan
1:23and the Philips lap at the Nellis Air Force
1:26facility so-called area 51 no one calls it that
1:30there’s this for in S-twelve who Mesa
1:33groom lake and unknown number sup facilities the most important facility
1:37is in Utah
1:39near Provo the Dugway Proving Grounds all of which
1:42is underground airspace above it is classified
1:45there are no roads into this facility the
1:49New Mexico facilities include Los Alamos National Labs with underground
1:54to the so-called tolsey area where the biological work is being done
1:58and Kirtland Air Force Base in the complex there include Sandia National
2:03Phillips labs Manzano met a mountain weapons storage facility
2:07Coyote Canyon and the white sands complex in Arizona
2:12near Fort what you go which is army intelligence headquarters
2:15there is no you GB underground base where one of our witnesses who will
2:20worked on 9 separate extraterrestrial vehicle that had been down to advance
2:25electromagnetic pulse weapons
2:27and there are several different species up extraterrestrial biological story
2:32that facility the other facilities in this goes on
2:38include the shove a special
2:41compartment it area up Cheyenne Mountain where we have witnesses in our team who
2:45can be subpoenaed
2:46about where that we have tracked extraterrestrial vehicles
2:50in our solar system that we’re measuring 26
2:53miles in diameter other also
2:56a built facilities in Australia key when be in Pine Gap
3:00the so-called Alice Springs facility which is mostly a US Air Force facility
3:05even though it is in Australia
3:07I recently talked to the deputy prime minister
3:10Australia about this are also the rest on Arsenal
3:13an the Marshall Space Flight Center we have a scientist at the Redstone Arsenal
3:18under who works under contract for AT&T who have developed the strands
3:22dimensional systems
3:23he was under contract with my project to bring these energy devices
3:27out and he was then threatened by a former CIA director
3:30and when I called the goon squad that went down there three years ago
3:34in March this is just heart at the InformationWeek
3:38have and this information is on the flashdrive given
3:42Stephen Bassett’s staff them you’re all welcome
3:45to review thank you thank you well

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26 thoughts on “26 mile wide MOTHER SHIP seen near EARTH – GOVERNMENT BRIEFING”

  1. there is no mother ship, there are no space creatures, they want you to believe in these things as they may use this as a major deception. while there are unidentified flying objects, that does not mean they are manned by space creatures. all is written thousands of years ago, and is no mention of mother ships and space creatures. wake up people and learn the real enemy.

    • The nephilim are returning
      The great deception is beginning
      Do not worship these fallen evil beings
      Put your faith in the true king Jesus
      His name and power will defeat these so.called aliens
      The time
      Is short
      Repent and ask Jesus for forgiveness and to be your guide through these harsh times

  2. YEA,YEA,thats one thing you can say about americans,THERES NO LIMIT,to how stupid they are,when the ALIENS showup and the people discover they whey were sold to the aliens for food and other things ,IT WILL BE WAY TO LATE,and its coming to………Oboozo is going to bomb the shit out of you,THEN your going to get to meet his alien friends,AND YOU WON’T LIKE IT EITHER….so just keep your mouth shut and get aboard their ship,THEY’LL TAKE YOU TO A SAFE PLACE,to eat you ………………….

  3. THE LORD has already warned ALL his prophets,DON’T go a board the alien space ships,they’ll be rounding up non-believers and belivers alike,FOR FOOD……………..

    • It’s the rapture, bro! God has come to take us to heaven! Obama was the antichrist, now it’s time for the holy Mayan Elders to come take us to God’s magical abode!

      • You fool, the antichrist will the the SI that conquers the internet. Synthetic Intelligence, that is. Why bother with the difficult task of creating a brain with silicon when you can just create an array of test-tube brains connected via C nanotubes to more conventional computers?
        The angelic aliens and the demonic aliens will both be coming to fight a war, if not now then over the course of the next few centuries, but this article is silly.
        Hey preacher man don’t tell me, heaven is not on this earth
        I know you don’t know, what life is really worth.
        You see, most people think,great God will come from the sky
        Take away everything and make everybody feel high
        But if you know what life is worth, you would look for yours on earth
        Now you see the light, stand up for your right
        Sick and tired of a the ism-skism game
        Dyin’ n’ goin’ to Heaven in a Jesus name, Lord
        We know when we understand, Almighty God is in living man.

  4. probably like our deer up in the mtns–they taste like sage
    so those grain fed mid westerners should taste great with their special sauce-
    wine?? white or red

  5. LSD is not very good for your mind but know that UFOs do exist. Me and others saw a silent rectangular UFO with multi colored “Christmas lights” under it. It was around 1000 ft. length wise. I was rather awestruck. It was in the early 1990s. It travelled at maybe 25 mph. This was in the metro east of St. Louis.

      • Ayahuasca shamans regularly see UFOs and ayahuasca is in fact good for the nervous system (proven by empirical studies).
        As for LSD, taking it can attract strange phenomena, whether UFOs or crazy people randomly accosting the tripper on the street.

  6. Pay no attention to that Satanic, hyper-inflated, homeless, jobless, fracked and oil-soaked, Fukushima irradiated police state we foisted on you via the 9/11 and London 7/7 false-flag attacks!
    Here is a video of 26 mile wide mother ship that doesn’t exist! Here is a piece of toast (or a pancake) with the face of Jesus on it! Here is a Mayan dude sayin’ it’s “the end of the world”! Here is a weird noise in the sky for you to go “WTF?!” at! Here is (another one?) photo-shopped image of a TERRORIST guy who’s been dead since 2001! ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Here is a Project BLUE BEAM Virgin Mary in-the-sky to keep you distracted in la-la land!
    Meanwhile, we will continue our de-population, loot and pollute the planet scheme we hatched at a secret Illuminati meeting, from our REX-84, continuation of government, radiation proof D.U.M.B. (Iron Mountain), where we protect our elite, trans-human, incestual, DNA genome blood-line! Mazel tov!


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