Congressman Exposes DHS Buildup for CIVIL UNREST & Secret Police Force- "NOT A CONSPIRACY"

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert joins The Janet Mefferd show and confirms that the Department of Homeland Security has been stocking up on weaponry, hollow point bullets and appears to be forming a ‘secret police force’ while providing no answers to Congress about why it is doing so. While the DHS ‘wastes money right and left’, according to Gohmert, none of this output makes sense and a ‘secret security force’ is something totally against the history of our country. ”I don’t see a ‘conspiracy’ everywhere….I just see some very stupid moves being made by this administration.” Why does this administration still seem like it’s preparing for war against the American people? Is Obama’s DHS the new gestapo/stasi?

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45 thoughts on “Congressman Exposes DHS Buildup for CIVIL UNREST & Secret Police Force- "NOT A CONSPIRACY"”

  1. This is the outcome of events when you have dual-citizenship, mulitanional corporations, and international banks running your government!
    Just sit back and enjoy. Things are going to start to get real ugly from here on out.

  2. Do we understand now?
    1. Why birth certificates are important?
    2. That “Fundamental Transformation”, means what it says?
    Obama understands ‘superior firepower’, but, so do we. They just shut down the last lead smelter in the USA. What does this do to the price and availability of ammo? After this ‘health care’ debacle, do we understand now, that the American people are playing checkers, while this mulatto bastard and his globalist handlers are playing chess? Do you see that their queen has now moved into check mate? Do they care about fixing anything, or breaking everything? Do you think college educated people can be this stupid?
    “All political power emanates from the barrel of a gun.” –Mao
    The III,
    we are everywhere.

      • He IS a ‘mulatto’, half black, half white. But, the operative word is; bastard. How about lying Kenyan bastard? Would that make you ‘feel’ better? Does it hurt your sensitivities for somebody to speak the truth? I feel the pure hatred of most of the blax (sp deliberate) around here. I see where this is going, do you?
        So now, mulatto is the new ‘N word’? Ah, the march of political correctness, as stupid takes over the brains of those who wear their feelings on their sleeves, you’ll be one of the first casualties because your PC will cause you to hesitate when you can’t afford to. This man is a hater, he hates America, and it is documented that many of the people he surrounds himself with, hates white folks as well as most of the blacks who call us ‘cracker’. So F* him, them, and you too. I give up, let it all collapse, pull the EBT system so they can start rampaging, and rioting, and burning it down. Then let them come here with the same idea… we call that, a target rich environment.

          • I’ve never been a ‘racist’, but I’m getting there… The ‘Treyvon’ thing, helped a lot, for me to see the true racists… the blaX. By the time the blaX go on a EBT rampage, I will be able to not hesitate. Its not about ‘racissssss’, its about survival.
            Ever since 2008, and feeling the hatred grow, and knowing this half breed bastard hates whites and America, makes it ‘relevant’.
            Sorry, to all those blax who are still decent folks, but, you’re being tarred with the brush of hate, not mine, your own kind.
            Walk through a ghetto sometime, feel the love… then get back to me…

          • If you think Obama is acting alone, then perhaps I can see your point. But of course we know that he is not. It’s the elite that are trying to provoke a race war to give them the excuse to lock down everything. Listening to your tone and to those of others, I would say the plan has some level of success already. Trust me, losing your cool isn’t going to help anything. It only makes a bad situation worse. You seem to have a lot of hatred in you. The only one you can fix is yourself. I suggest you do something about it before you make a terrible mistake.
            I’ve lived in the ghetto before. Met some decent people there.

          • Aw, so condescending, so intellectual, so superior. You are a liberal scumbag yourself perhaps?
            I hate no one, of course the Dark man isn’t acting alone, he has handlers, he is an anomaly of charisma, a speaker of the ‘sweet words on the tongue’, that will grow bitter in the belly.
            I was merely stating facts, when it comes, I’ll be more ready than most, because people like yourself will die because you will hesitate to pull the trigger, and the monsters will kill you. I don’t plan on losing anything, especially my cool, I’m very cool… on the trigger. Aim small, shoot small. That, is the gang-bangers worst mistake… no training, no marksmanship.
            That is war. Been there, done that, got the uniform.
            Ever been around the ‘madness of crowds’ syndrome? I have, it ain’t pretty.

          • I can still hear the command come down the line…….”Steady, Boys….Steady” and 1775 was a long time ago. And 1865 was a sad time, even though slavery was wrong and had to be ended.*
            (* The NWO will have us, All, everyone enslaved; ALL, except for the Elitist Rulers of course.)

          • You are easily intimidated. When the people I speak to cease rationality and resort to childish name calling is when I check out of the conversation. I don’t play games. Good day to you.

          • Still condescending… and if you can’t stand being told what you are, with ‘name calling’, then you will not stand a chance against what comes. You will be cowering in the corner wondering why people are shooting at you. No man truly knows what comes, but, the trends are all starting to get very ‘Biblical’. In that case, the original meanings of the words come into play. “Nation shall rise against nation”, was translated incorrectly by the Catholics. The original Greek word was; ETHNOS. So the proper interpretation would be taken after the old American Indian term for ‘nation’, “ethnic shall rise against ethnic”. The blax, are full of hatred, and more ‘racisss’ than any whites I’ve ever known… who are prejudiced out of a sense of being superior and the fear of reprisals from times in the past, not pure hatred. In this sense, the blax gangta culture, is a culture of hate. It doesn’t extend to all blacks, but, when it comes down, it won’t matter on a battlefield defined by skin culture.
            Show me one incident, of a gang of white “youts”, beating a poor innocent old person to death for fun… ala ‘The Knockout Game’, the blax love to play(and is white washed by liberal media asswipes who have their nose stuck up Obozo’s anal cavity. )… this is the difference between men and monsters… a fact, on my side. This is happening all over the country, soon, they will run up on somebody like me, who carries, and it will become another ‘Treyvon’ moment. Treyvon was a doper thug, and paid the price for being stupid. A price, you will pay, if you think ethnicity has nothing to do with reality. Will it be trumped up in the media as a white on black atrocity? Will the blacks become outraged by the cognitive dissonance that envelops their community? Once emotions are lit up, there is no more intellectual, as the intellectual becomes; The Enemy, of both sides. This is the madness of crowds syndrome… wait for it.

          • If I would not speak to you in person, then surely I would not do it online either. You have no idea who you are talking to, so don’t put your unrealistic ideas onto me. Good day.

          • Andrew I feel your pain, but intellectualizing ends when the shooting starts. You and Piper are just at different points on the time track. You see the present, he sees a postulated future, which sadly has the facts on his side. I would in all honesty urge you to get ready, CYA; because the cavalry ain’t coming to your aid. More like the goons conducting the recent Boston Martial Law Drill.

          • You are making a lot of assumptions if you think that I do not look to the future, and if you think Piper Michael is the next stage in my personal evolution. I have already begun preparing for what is coming months ago. The difference between him and me is that I still have plenty of faith (not blind hope). I do not give in to feelings of hysteria but make choices based on logic and reason.

          • Hysteria to you, but maybe logic and reason to others? As Hilliary says, “What difference does it make?” With what’s coming you can choose…the DHS Top Secret “Police” or the Constitutional Patriots.
            I’ll take anyone on the Constitutional side, lice and all. I’m sincerely glad you are getting ready, many have been getting ready for years, so I think the time track thing does apply.

          • First, I would not give anything Hillary Clinton said an ounce of credibility. She is herself a globalist and a liar. The difference between hysteria and logic and reason has to do with emotional content. One who has no control over their own emotions gives easily into hysteria. One who possesses an adequate amount of control over their emotions can make informed decisions based on realistic concerns, not because of fear and anger. Do you see the difference?
            In the coming disaster I choose neither the patriots nor the government. I choose God. God has been beside me for my entire life keeping me out of danger and giving me the tools I needed to accomplish whatever goals stood in front of me. I know He will not abandon me at the most crucial time in our history.
            You still think someone is ahead of me. We all prepare in our own way and have been doing so all of our lives for this moment. It is impossible that anyone is ahead of me because we all have a different role to play in life. Life is not a race. There is no finish line and no winners.

          • In this, we fully agree… See there, and you come across as a liberal by your superior tone and bearing… how wrong I was about you, you are merely full of yourself. We see that in your avatar, a HeMan as well?
            But, never mind, it appears we agree on the facts, I would rather not have a ‘patriot’ warlord, or a government nanny troll in charge of my life. I stand with God as well, unfortunately, that will leave us as enemies of elements of both sides. Or will the Godless patriots join with the Godly, will the Godly nanny trolls join with the Godless fascists? Will the blax fight for anything but the fun of fighting? Ah, the times up ahead will get interesting, as the old Chinese curse went.
            I apologize for calling you a Liberal.

          • Some people are envious of what I have been given by God. I am 33 years old, so I know the routine quite well by now.
            If you are a follower of God, then it is time you start acting like one. Live by His principles, or else you are a follower in word and not action.
            They say the Christians will be rounded up and sent to FEMA camps where they will be executed. I guess that includes people like us. The only thing I am concerned about is protecting my family. It is more important than my own life, but I can do so little for them in such a situation. This is the crucible where God will weed out His true followers from those who only want to protect their own skin and interests. Nothing happens in life that God did not allow. His judgment will be fair as it always is. If it’s time to die in the name of God then it’s time to die, but that death is nothing compared to the loss that will be experienced by those who are damned. Not everyone will die, but there is no way to know right now who will be spared. During the initial battle between the patriots and the government forces, there might be a window of chaos to slip off the map before they gain total control over the cities. Have faith in God.

          • Hey andrew if we are losing our constitution and going into martial law/civil war then why does it matter if someone might be racist? Many of us will be in the FEMA camps anyway.

          • In case you didn’t know, to sin against another man is to sin against God. It is our collective sin bending back onward onto us that is causing this tidal wave of “change.” Every hateful and spiteful act that you commit has an equal and opposite response. That is God’s divine justice at work. And because nobody listened to God’s word is why we will undergo God’s judgment, as was written long ago since God sees all. Not just racism, but everything negative that you do matters. We are getting what we deserve.

  3. Someone will be filling these positions, be it foreign or domestic! THEY ARE TRAITORS TO THE REPUBLIC! No amount of money, goods or otherwise is worth crapping on your country, prepare, this is not a JOKE!

  4. “While not providing answers to Congress” – why does Congress not DEMAND answers and hold those in contempt who will not provide them? In the old days Congress had power. Today it seems to have become a paper tiger.

      • Can you stop with the class warfare,Comrade? Your Democraps passed The “Affordable” Health Care Act! What a joke! Socialism is an utter Failure, every time it is tried. Even the vital Social Security from the beloved FDR is bankrupt, all the “money” stolen by LBJ. The Fed Reserve Fiat “money” is inflated by massive printing/digitizing and all you do is whine that taxpayers should give away more of their OWN earnings. What a piggy you are.

  5. If We The People are slated in the Constitution to protect the docterine (the Constitution) through amendments in the document itself, then what the FUCK are we waiting for? Do you want to be sure? The ONLY step left for DHS is to start actually using those weapons against us… by then, it will be far too late to prevent the unnecessary bloodshed. Hesitation is the mother of all regrets.

  6. OBama is just pushing thru the last puzzle pieces for Bushjr./Cheney. Sad I voted for this guy 2x and this is what the country gets? More Bush policies? I know he is related to Cheney but…..well, like it’s said the apple didn’t fall far from the plantation, I mean tree! Some change!?!?!

    • I voted against him twice, but the NWO Agenda covers and dictates both parties “Progress”. Bushies have been NWO forever. The Constitution is the only foundation and must be enforced on the Ruling Elites.


  8. I know this is above and beyond most americans head,BUT at one time america was a GOD fearing nation,and READ their BIBLE,and they knew what to look out for when it came to the government,…DANIEL,8:11/8:12 ,warned of the rise of the anti-christ,HE would take power and be caught cheating,AND when they tried to throw him out,HE USED HIS PRIVATE ARMY ,TO DEFEAT THE NATION,…thats you america,and the BOOGIE MAN is OBOOZO,and his armies will burn america to the ground,and all you can do is watch,the police gangs aren’t on your side, and will help destroy america……..get ready, be prepeared,and watch ,RED DAWN,is upond you………..

  9. Those two states have been in the news for a lot of union activism. Sounds like union-busting with a new face. Maybe they should hire the Pinkertons. Gohmert, unfortunately, would be in favor of union busting, so we can’t win either way.

    • Obama’s SS will be joining the Union Thugs to crack skulls. Nothing for you to worry about,comrade. Your skull is too thick and they don’t come for the “useful idiots” in the first wave so you can continue voting for Communists because you hate Nazis!
      I call them All treasonous terrorists, and only vote For those that will obey the Constitution which are few and far between.

  10. Comet ISON will be one of the biggest sungrazing comets ever. Sungrazing comets are associated with massive solar flares. A solar flare can cause a failure of the grid.

  11. Hmmm. Lets see: bullets and underground bunkers for them, FEMA Camps and weapons confiscation for us. Is there any doubt that this will end badly? Those in power seem to view us more and more like chattel Did the British sneak back in to our government or who else could it be?

  12. Is Gohmert a freaking idiot? No he is not. He is a freaking liar. He knows exactly what is going on. Obama is preparing for war against the American people. Why do you think he has left the illegals alone. He is building his army.

  13. he may not be acting along but our congress and our military has told us nothing yes i do blame congress the ppl need the truth, we can handle it better than the unknown period


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