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Donald Trump 1988 on being president of the united states 27 years ago
Trump on Opra show asking him about running for President of the united states someday? It is amazing to see Trump than talk about his feeling on trade with Japan in 1988 and 27 years later his feelings and message are the very very the same!
I feel Donald Trump has what it takes to turn the government corruption at the highest level in this country and bring back some greatness once again!
We dont manufacture anything anymore… Our tradesman as an example of making furniture is gone! So no trades are being passed down to our youth… dependent on other countries for everything is in my opinion “wrong”!!
We dont need another Bush in the white house or a Hillary Clinton… lets end this non sense now… lets send a message “No More Political Corruption” it has to stop!!
h/t WyatteSmith

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