$2B Big Short of the late 2010s

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by MakeoverBelly

Y’all may be wondering who will be the Michael Bury of our times. Truth is there already is one, and his own Big Short has already mostly played out, in front of everyone’s eyes. The final take home pay is to be determined, but it will be in the order of $1B – $2B. Who’s that genius motherfucker? It’s Adam Neumann. He played the “tech unicorn” bubble to perfection. While people were busy either admiring the goals of “elevating the world’s consciousness” or laughing at this idiotic sentence – Adam was busy pocketing tens of millions a month. Here’s what this beautiful autist did:

  1. Found some dumb startup.
  2. Put together some dumb pitch deck.
  3. Go around to some dumb VCs and get them to fling money at you.
  4. Pay yourself a big salary.
  5. Sell some of your shares on the secondary market at a high valuation.
  6. Quietly fold your startup when the bubble bursts.

Now tell me, if you knew that there’s a bubble in “tech unicorns”, what’s a better way to short that bubble than the above 6 steps?

Details in this post by Matt Levine, scroll to the middle:



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