2nd wave putting strain on the reflation trade and positioning. Happening while global liquidity is tightening. Selling pressure in u.S. Stocks is more extreme, more often

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The Dow Has Lost 1,815 Points in the Past Three Trading Sessions: The Wall of Worry It Was Climbing

Market sentiment has turned bearish in no small part because of the unrelenting pandemic, the lack of a new stimulus bill from Congress, and the selloff in oil. All three are interrelated.

Brace for a ‘Fairly Scary Time’ on Wall Street, Wells Fargo Warns

Wells Fargo Securities’ Michael Schumacher sees major headwinds over the next week to ten days.

Selling Pressure in U.S. Stocks Is More Extreme, More Often

The ferocity of the U.S. stock rout on Wednesday sent a measure of selling pressure to near the most extreme on record — an occurrence that’s become increasingly frequent in the past two months.

Stock Selloff Is Just Beginning, Sri Kumar Warns

Komal Sri-Kumar, president and founder of Sri-Kumar Global Strategies, says the Covid-19 pandemic, the lack of another federal stimulus package and the U.S. presidential election are creating a trifecta of negative forces for markets.



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