3 Largest Economics In World Running On PONZI Finance

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Why what happens in the US+China+Japan really matters (chart)….why US nat’l debt going from $10–>$21T, China $7T–>$34T and Japan’c central bank’s balance sheet going from 30% to 100% of GDP matters. 3 largest economics in world running on PONZI finance is ~NOT~ a good thing:

Healthy organic recoveries DON’T require $15T in QE + 0% rates for 9 yrs to buy just 2% US GDP ‘growth’. Or China going from $7T to $34T in total credit mkt debt. REALITY = markets + economies are on GOV’T LIFE SUPPORT. 2% GDP growth today is NOT comparable to organic 80/90/00’s

Mortgage backed securities make the bulk of the Federal Reserve balance sheet.

Central banks do not solve housing bubbles, they perpetuate them.


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