3 minute summary of what just happened in TEXAS!

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A winter storm has left millions of people fighting for survival in Texas. People have resorted to burning furniture to keep warm. Families have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Frozen pipes have burst and grocery store shelves are completely empty. This is no freak event created by nature but the work of geoengineering and is a strategic attack on the power grid. There have been incidents around the world lately concerning cyber hacks and power outages. Even Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and the mastermind of the Great Reset has spoken at length about it and suggested it will be more devastating than Covid-19.

Through the guise of climate change and the desire to phase out fossil fuels we can expect to see more events like this in the future. Weather modification is nothing new, and governments have been boasting about their capabilities for years. Climate change will be the next big crisis. Now that the covid-19 pandemic and the measures used to control it have been normalized around the world, we will see a strong push for similar measures to be used in order to deal with climate change as it will be the next global emergency the world needs to face “together”.


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