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by AMY S.
As time passes in the 21st century, things seemingly look to become worse throughout time, Time no longer plays the role of fine wine and becomes better over time, rather it seems to be worsening and rotting out. 
This consistent time of rotting, poor decision-making, and poor leadership leads to countries and cities becoming more aggressive, therefore becoming more unsafe. Several cities have been labeled as a “ticking time-bomb” in regard to when times reach a certain point. There is fear in these specific cities that things will become extremely violent and very unsafe. Part of the reasoning for this increase in violence also ranges from hatred and the economic conditions of the world. Specifically in the United States these issues are worsening and it is quickly occurring. As Wired reported, disaster is looming on a worldwide basis, but some are approaching total collapse, thanks to a storm of factors: Using data on 2,100 cities, Robert Muggah has found which factors make an area more likely to become violent, unsafe and fragile. The data show 30 cities on the brink of disaster and what could cause it.

People are seemingly living in bigger urban zones at a higher rate than ever before. However, it is believed that these are in fact excellent areas for increased crime to take place. The issue with this is that many more people are now willing to take matters into their hands, therefore increasing the death rate in the area. These areas are able highly susceptible to natural disasters, which also involves increased crime. The ratings of these cities were based on fragility, conflict, growth in population, unemployment rate and many other factors. Natural disasters lately have created this sense of uneasiness in city cities, which is why Auckland, New Zealand has joined the list of the worst cities to live in.
Their recent issues with storms have created an extremely unsafe environment. All areas of Haiti are also on the list, due to the controversy regarding Hillary Clinton’s alleged donations to the country, however, this was proven to be completely false, and the money was kept for themselves. This lack of money has created endless poverty and violence in the area. The capital overall has become a war zone for violence and therefore should be avoided. Many of the countries in the Middle-East are of course on this list, due to the hatred and war torn areas that constantly lead to fighting. Freedom fighters versus ISIS members constantly creates these issues of violence and explosives going off. It continues to be an issue to this very day. Brazil also has become of the worst areas to live in, due to their issues with poverty.
Despite the Olympics taking place there, the money obtained was still not enough to deal with the seemingly everlasting issues of Brazil’s poverty and crime. London is shockingly on the list, however this is specifically because of the recent Brexit deal that occurred, which stirred large controversy.
The idea may turn out to be a blessing in disguise, however at this time they are in constant turmoil. Places like Detroit, Chicago, Dallas also remain as some of the worst cities, due to the racial conflict and policies that are being implemented. This is creating a sense of unrest and looting and rioting is seemingly at its highest. Ultimately, these areas should be avoided, however it will not be long before many other cities start to join in, due to the fact that everyone is feeling the effects of these issues at some point or another. (source)
Here in America, we no longer embrace norms and customs. We want to think we have powerful leaders – we want to believe they are effective. However, we are now becoming overly-critical because of political partisan egos that are holding back progress.
It is a sick society that appears to get a contact high from watching bombs explodes in other countries with leaders whose names we can’t pronounce correctly.
Leadership now is constantly grabbing power, wielding an iron hand – and bombing countries while eating cake.
It all sounds like a new form of Caesarism.
You need to understand that Caesarism is the revival of the doctrines and practices of the Roman Empire in its later and worst stages. It is, in short, an absolute and irresponsible despotism, which loves to display the prowess of its powers by abusing the trust of the people, and marching their armies and enforcers through cities in order to deter any and all civil unrest towards their grip and power grab.
There are many people who see the lifestyle of living in a divinely inspired empire as a tranquil experience.
The truth is that in this future empire if you are not enslaved for the greater good, you are a nobody doing nothing.
We should no longer say that societal collapse is near – it is becoming more evident that it is here and the time line is also showing signs of a complete epoch collapse.
The collapse of an epoch can bring apocalypse. Apocalypse is a word from the Greek meaning “lifting the veil” or “revelation.” Wikipedia defines it as “a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception.”

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