30 Things You Should Get Right Now To Prepare For The Economic Collapse 2020 Societal Collapse

Extensive preparation for the economic collapse worst case scenario has never been this important, especially as we teeter on the brink of a total collapse brought on by overwhelming waves of unemployment and bankruptcies, rising homelessness and poverty, and a pandemic that is not yet under control.

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So, for those that have woken up to the economic meltdown and societal collapse we now face, here are 30 items to add to your arsenal that will be instrumental in riding out the catastrophe ahead.
While this list is by no means exhaustive, it does contain the fundamentals. Of course, feel free to make additions based on your individual circumstances.
When bracing for an emergency, there are four main categories that you want to make sure you have covered: food, water, shelter, and energy. The issues cropping up across the country now will last for months ahead, if not years, so even if some of these items seem unnecessary now, it is always safer to invest ahead of time. As we have observed during this pandemic, essentials disappear quickly in a crisis, and severe shortages do not take long to set in. The worse things get, the harder and more costly it will become to acquire everything you need.
Keep in mind that this video addresses a scenario in which people are forced to shelter within their own residences for an extended period of time, a situation that we have already seen enforced this year. The list would look much different if you were planning to relocate to a rural setting.
While it is certainly safer now to be outside of any major urban setting, that is simply not possible for the tens of millions of Americans who have lost their jobs and their financial security as a result of the ongoing health crisis. Already this year, over 51 million people have been forced to file new claims for unemployment because, without additional aid, they were unable to keep up with even basic expenses like rent payments and groceries. Countless individuals have been caught off guard by this pandemic with little to no savings. Still, it is beneficial to have an exit plan in the back of your mind, so if the need to evacuate cities arises, you will already be ahead of the masses.
Without further delay, here are 30 items you should keep on hand for the impending economic collapse.



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