$35 trillion of U.S. Treasury Embezzled Funds Recovered from Freedom Haters

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by Thinker

INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “DIRECT MARINE CONTACT @ LANGLEY” 11/27/17


U.S. Marines raided the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley, Virginia last weekend and removed computers…recovered pre 9/11 terrorist attack financial transactions…insurance documents…a lot of evidence implicating well known politicians of embezzlement…election rigging…identity fraud…assassination plots…murders…domestic terrorism and pedophilia. All these documents are now in possession of U.S. Marine intelligence.

CIA headquarters has been raided…the FBI has been neutralized and $35 trillion of U.S. Treasury embezzled funds have been recovered.

About $100 trillion has been embezzled by the Bush’s and Clinton’s. – Trump reopened the JFK assassination files and Daddy Bush was behind it. – JFK autopsy photographs were falsified. The sexual harassment outings of all these members of Congress is a ‘mainstream media distraction’ for what’s really going on behind the scenes. (U.S. Marines raid CIA Headquarters and Trump imposes military martial law) Hillary Clinton has ordered the murders (through domestic assassination squads) of Ron Brown (Commerce Secretary)…William Colby (Director of Central Intelligence)…Vince Foster (Deputy White House Counsel) and John F. Kennedy Jr. (son of assassinated President John F. Kennedy)…and others. Trump was right that Sen. Ted Cruz’s father was implicated with Lee Harvey Oswald. Sen. Cruz is a Canadian citizen who faked his birth certificate to become U.S. Senator and should be arrested for identity fraud. California Rep. Adam Schiff, (Ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence) and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel (former White House Chief of Staff for Obama) are connected with the Mossad. Both Schiff and Emmanuel are pedophiles. Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro) was born in Kenya and should be arrested for identity fraud.

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Trump has got the file of every journalist…Anderson Cooper (CNN/CBS)…Chris Matthews (MSNBC)…Wolf Blitzer (CNN)…and more that’s on the CIA payroll.

They now have proof / evidence that Hillary Clinton has committed election fraud…treason…sedition…is a drug dealer…has committed mass murders and murdered people in the State Department as a kill for hire scheme. Daddy Bush tried to assassinate Reagan three times during his eight year presidency and has been involved with 25 assassination plots against other major political figures. (many in Congress & the Senate) He and Hillary have tried to assassinate President Donald Trump seven times. There’s a cover up involving California Rep. Maxine Waters and the Blue Moon Bank in Thailand. The recent attack on Sen. Rand Paul:

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No Witness, No Truth – Coincidence that all the people that could confirm what alternative media writes about have died. Are the Clinton’s more special than most know? How could anyone get away with such crimes and still be walking around? They all knew the Clinton’s and they are all dead, bad luck?




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