39% of American would Drive Electric Cars

by Martin Armstrong

The latest survey shows why this Gates/WEF Consortium has been using this virus to destroy commuting and shut down the economy. A recent study by Pew Research Center shows that only 39% of Americans are willing to buy an electric car. If everyone switched to electric cars, there would be not enough power. This is why Gates, behind the scenes, is also pushing to expand nuclear power.

Clearly, this evil consortium that has bribed its way to take over the world has not convinced all Americans that phasing out internal combustion engine vehicles by 2035 makes sense or that it will work. Sill, 51% of Americans oppose this policy.

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According to several meteorologists, April 2021 in Germany with a national temperature anomaly of around -4,4°C from the long-term average (with the national average monthly temperature only +4,5°C) is the coldest April since 1917, and the second coldest after 1917, since the measurements began in 1881. Naturally, they just claimed now that climate change in both directions is always caused by CO2. They NEVER provide any such scientific analysis but it is just propaganda. Trying to convince an environmentalist that there are long-term cycles stands less of a chance of convincing a Democrat they made a mistake voting for Biden. They REFUSE to look at the long-term or bother to understand that EVERYTHING in the universe functions in a cycle.

That is the real SECRET behind the design of everything right down to the cycles we call Brain Waves in your head. When that cycle stops, you are DEAD! Why do these people refuse to ever open their eyes about anything? They believe what they WANT TO believe – that is the reason.


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