4.2 Million UNSOLD Cars Pile Up! Economy Is So Great 6000+ Stores Are Closing In 2019

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Building things and letting them sit in warehouses, factories, parking lots, or building completely empty cities is not a strong economy. I don’t know why I have to argue this point. It’s completely ludicrous.

The sheer amount of lies we are being told in the mainstream media is getting worse every day. Why can’t the truth ever be reported for once? It’s ok if the economy isn’t doing well. Let’s admit it and let’s deal with it. Why hide it only to make things worse in the future? This doesn’t serve the people. Blinding them from the truth is a disservice to them. And that’s why…


Heavy-Duty Truck Orders Continue Steep Decline in April | Trucks.com


Q1 Truck Orders Plunge as Industry Works Down Backlog | Trucks.com


ACT: NA Class 8 Orders Dip from March to April, Hit 31-Month Low


German car sales stuck in reverse gear


Near-record inventories pinch new-vehicle dealers as floorplan costs, vehicle prices surge


American retailers already announced 6,000 store closures this year. That’s more than all of last year – CNN


Office Depot is closing 50 stores: list – Business Insider


Vacant Storefronts Are Helping Starbucks, Chiarman Says | Fortune


The world’s hottest shopping city is becoming a ghost town


De Blasio eyes vacancy tax for greedy landlords seeking top-dollar


Robots Edge Closer to Unloading Trucks in Amazon-Era Milestone – BNN Bloomberg




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