40 people have been shot in Chicago in 4 days. The total number of people shot in Chicago in the first 57 days of 2018 is now 349.

www.Heyjackass.com has great stats on Chicago crime going back to 2012
It’s incredible. Currently: a shooting every 4 hours, a murder every 17 hours.
Believe it or not, those figures are better than usual. My theory is the cold weather is a factor. From the January 18th thread “Chicago: The Democratic paradise where 5 days WITHOUT a murder is News:”
>They are boasting about 5 days without a fatal shooting. (People were still being shot in those 5 days of snow.) Their hands are shaking from the cold, which throws their aim off. When their hands and guns thaw out, it will be right back to two a day.
>There are various factors likely affecting these stats: a) cold hands, b) poor technique, c) lack of basic human anatomy knowledge (enthusiasm for “dat ass” does not count,) d) the inaccuracy inherent in these shootings possibly results in collateral damage (accidental “targeting” of innocents who happen to be near the incident.) <–And those innocents are not currently available to be “accidentally” shot, due to the weather.
I wish I were kidding, I’m not. Before the recent cold snap and snow, the ticker was: a shooting every 2 hours, a fatality every 11.5 hours. As we move toward Spring, we will probably see the figures stabilize back to that rate. Again, I am not kidding and fully expect to see this.
>Moar fun with that:
2017 finals:
Shot & Killed: 624
Shot & Wounded: 2937
Total Shot: 3561
h/t independentbystander