43% of US health care professionals to be laid off by June – Our medical system is being dismantled

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April 6 show:


Just listening to Mark Levin. he was reading the layoff figures from a source I didn’t catch. He named several hospitals that are so slow that they’re laying off hundreds of workers (each location) and few that are EMPTY. He said he has a family member who is in dire need of a hip replacement and is in a lot of pain. Because of the idiot (R) governor of Ohio, he cannot get the surgery.

There was a Youtube, posted here last week, of one of the people going around showing nearly empty hospitals that showed supplies being REMOVED from a large hospital and loaded into vans. Right then, I knew it – our health care system is being destroyed right before our eyes. While we get non stop MSM and Trump updates reports about “war zone” hospitals, swamped with C-19 patients (if those reports are even true), hospitals all over the country are closing down because they aren’t treating anyone! I have a very bad feeling they won’t be coming back. They’re either going to close down permanently or be recommissioned for other purposes. This is obviously part of this Satanic plan to destroy our way of life. It’s probably been planned for years, just like 9/11.

OMG, people, please pay attention to this! I’m sure this is what’s happening.

Nobody can get “elective” surgery. Do you know how much health care falls under that term? If you’re in agony with a a joint problem; you need eye surgery to see or ear surgery to hear; therapy or surgery for a serious back problem – YOU AREN’T GOING TO BE ABLE TO GET IT! Even cancer patients are being told they have to have wait for surgeries. This is Zeke Emmanuel’s Obamacare care curve thing where the very young and middle aged and up get no care care other than “wellcare” (vaccines and a physical) and all care is focused on working taxpayers. Does anyone remember that?

Is this the new trend? Hospital announces layoffs….

Some hospitals laying off as much as 40% of staff

Central Maine Healthcare furloughs 330 employees, cuts executives’ pay — Maine Focus — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine


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