45% of prime members surveyed said they’re going to drop because of the $20 price hike

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this is bullshit and fake outrage?


Merry Gangemi, who has been an Amazon Prime user since 2014, plans to drop her membership because Amazon is raising the annual membership fee to $119 from $99.

“I feel like I’m paying more for the same or less,” the retiree in Vermont told Yahoo Finance. Gangemi buys books and watches TV series on Amazon, but it bothers her when she needs to pay extra for certain programs, not to mention Amazon delivery service isn’t great in the rural area where she lives.

Amazon Prime’s price hike comes after blockbuster first-quarter earnings results, which sent the stock (AMZN) soaring to record highs. The increase will take effect for new users in May and apply to existing members in June. For the lucky subscribers whose membership expires in May, they can still enjoy the old $99 price for one final year.


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