49% of Californians Plan to Move Out of the State According to New Survey

According to a new survey conducted by Edelman, almost half of Californians surveyed are planning on moving out of of state.

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8 thoughts on “49% of Californians Plan to Move Out of the State According to New Survey

  1. Dear California: You did it to yourself. Interventions were offered, great wisdom rejected. In the end, you did it to yourself.

    • Wrong, Californians voted to ban any kind of benefits to illegals (prop 187) in the early 90’s when Republican Pete Wilson was governor. Californians saw the writing on the wall and did what they needed to do. They were betrayed by lazy Republicans nationally who were too weak to fight and stabbed California in the back. The courts undid the will of the California voters.
      No interventions were offered. California voters were left on their own after they voted the right way to prevent this crap. You rejected the wisdom of the California voters who tried to warn you more than 20 years ago. Only now you pretend that you are telling them the same things they told you 20 years ago. Californians sounded the alarm a long time ago, but you didn’t think it was an issue. If you did think it was an issue, you would have known about the fight they put up for prop 187. Don’t complain about Californians, you did it to yourself.

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