4th of July Reminder: What the ‘Liberal World Order’ Means in Practice for all Countries Under Its Thrall.

by Chris Black

Let’s call these things ‘The Big Four’.

1- Policies designed to disenfranchise the majority ethnic group, usually (but not limited to) mass immigration, affirmative action, & hate speech laws.

2- Feminism, abortion, no fault divorce.

3- State-backed sexual degeneracy, LGBT indoctrination.

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4- Promotion of anti-Christianity and mindless consumerism.

If your country has all or most of these things, you know it’s at the heart of the liberal world order.

America’s illegitimate rulers have declared they will bleed Americans dry for as long as it takes to preserve the “Liberal World Order.”

Simply, the American empire exists solely to secure global hegemonic power through the bludgeon of judeo-liberal ideology, which has metastasized into an anti-White, anti-tradition, anti-Christ death cult based on empty platitudes and virtue signaling.

If you cannot pay for gas or food, feel good knowing it’s more important for your government to promote LGBTQ rights, BLM, and anti-White hate while they, by policy, replace Americans in our own country by invasion from the third world and attempt to stoke a nuclear world war on behalf of military contractors and jewish oligarchs.



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