5 armed Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps [IRGC] boats in the Persian Gulf Wednesday unsuccessfully tried to seize a British Oil Tanker

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Iranian boats attempted to seize British tanker

Posted 8 minutes ago
By Barbara Starr and Ryan Browne, CNN

CNN — Five armed Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps boats unsuccessfully tried to seize a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf Wednesday, according to two US officials with direct knowledge of the incident.

The British Heritage tanker was sailing out of the Persian Gulf and was crossing into the Strait of Hormuz area when it was approached by the Iranian boats. The Iranians ordered the tanker to change course and stop in nearby Iranian territorial waters, according to the officials. A US aircraft was overhead and recorded video of the incident.

The UK’s Royal Navy frigate HMS Montrose had been escorting the tanker from the rear. It trained its deck guns on the Iranians and gave them a verbal warning to back away, which they did. Montrose is equipped on the deck with 30 mm guns specifically designed to drive off small boats.

UK officials had previously confirmed that the Montrose was in the region performing a “maritime security role.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned earlier Wednesday that the UK “will see the consequences” after Gibraltar officials and UK Royal Marines seized an Iranian oil tanker bound for Syria last week, according to Rouhani’s press office…


UK Tanker in Hormuz Strait Approached by Five Allegedly Iranian Boats – DoD Official

On Wednesday, a total of five boats believed to belong to the Iranian government approached UK oil tanker British Heritage in the Strait of Hormuz, only to withdraw after receiving a warning from the accompanying Royal Navy warship HMS Montrose, a US Department of Defense official told Reuters.

Five armed boats said to belong to the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps attempted to seize the British Heritage oil tanker traveling in the Persian Gulf by requesting the vessel stop in Iranian waters, according to Reuters.

The Iranian boats in question are said to have retreated after receiving a warning from the UK’s Royal Navy frigate HMS Montrose, the vessel accompanying the oil tanker.



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