5 clever tips for selling products on Instagram

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Instagram began as a network to allow people from all across the globe to come closer together but with time, the big business or individuals realized that it held great potential in allowing them to access a large target audience. This led to the practice of marketing and selling products on Instagram where a number of real followers and other users can be easily reached. Being able to use this potential to the maximum requires skill and clever planning. Let’s look at 5 tips to successfully sell products on Instagram.


  • Establish a signature appearance as your identity


It is wise to stick to one aesthetic for your page and use the same product placement and positioning every time you post so that the users recognize your posts simply by the outlook. Do not forget to make your product look appealing but not too far from reality. You can use the application’s internal filters or use another app for the same purpose. Use these to improve the picture quality but remember that it must not completely change the look of the product. 


  • Make the product descriptions appealing


Product descriptions are a key factor in convincing the audience to buy a certain product so, not only should these be detailed but also made with the needs of the audience in mind. You can do so by adding relevant emojis to convey your meaning or to simply make it more eye-catching.  


  • Use hash tags to increase product visibility 


The first step to making a successful purchase is always to draw the audience’s attention to your post; videos or photos. To do that, you need to ensure that your post will be seen and that includes increasing its visibility. Use hash tags relevant to your target audience demographic in order to make it reach the intended audience. Instagram’s “search and explore” feature can be used to find hash tags popular in your demographic so that you can use these in your posts. By doing so, you will be able to access and audience that likes your product or is in search of a similar item.


  • Make purchase convenient 


Once you have convinced your audience to buy, the nest step is the selling procedure. Make this as easy and convenient as possible. You could use a shoppable link, a selling tool on Instagram. The link will take the audience directly to the page where they can purchase the product. 


  • Pair with other influencers


One way you can access an audience matched to your product is to pair with an influencer likely to be followed by such an audience. Selling on Instagram increasingly involves influencer marketing and you can also make good use of this strategy to access a larger audience. 

With the rapidly increasing use of Instagram for selling, competition out there has gotten much more serious and in order to be able to outperform others, you need to have a clever strategy in mind to make your products stand out. 



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