5 financial lessons from the dead and dying

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From MarketWatch:

Emergency physicians are not strangers to death. At least once a shift I see someone who is dead or dying. It comes with the territory. An experienced emergency medicine physician can see death from a mile away. They can smell it in the air. Sometimes they’re the only person in the room who notices death standing in the corner.

There are lessons to be learned from every experience in life. Today we will discuss some financial lessons I’ve learned from seeing dead people.

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Death doesn’t care about your plans

So you were going to work one more year before retiring to Florida to live the good life? Too bad. That heart attack on your Monday morning commute has other plans.

Your first grandchild is going to be born in September? I’ve got some really bad news about that headache you’re having in August.

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It’s your first family vacation since your cancer went into remission? What a perfect time to be hit by a drunken driver.

Death is rude and inconsiderate. He has a twisted sense of humor. While we’re busy making plans to give ourselves the false sense of control, Death is coming and going as he pleases…

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