50 Cent Slams Biden’s Tax Hike, Explains Why He’s Leaving NYC For Texas: “I didn’t realize I’d be paying 62% of my income

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50 Cent slams Biden’s tax hike, claims he’ll be moving to Texas

“I didn’t realize I would be paying 62% of my income back to the IRS,” the rapper said

Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson made it clear during the last election that he was a fiscal conservative. Now, the rapper-turned producer is threatening to move to Texas to get away from President Joe Biden‘s tax hikes.

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Thursday, during an appearance on The Beat with Ari Melber, 50 raised concerns about Biden’s repeated pledge to raise taxes on Americans earning more than $400,000 per year.

“His tax plan, I didn’t realize I would be paying 62% of my income back to the IRS,” 50 Cent told Melber. “So that does change a lot. New York City will change dramatically. Like they are going to end up moving to different territories. You look at Silicon Valley, it is now in Austin, Texas.”

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