50 Shades of Evil: Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Democrat, or In This Case, Eric Schneiderman

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by Chris Black

Motto: If it were not for double standards, “liberals” would have no standards at all.

Today’s article is about the king of progressive Democrats , a top New York prosecutor and public champion of the #metoo movement; obviously, I am talking about  63 year old Eric Schneiderman, a big anti Trumper and virtue-signaling enthusiast, who was forced to resign yesterday over multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. This is irony in its purest form. Why?

Here’s the breakdown of a scandal of epic proportions: the NY state AG, who has been a leading critic of Trump’s “depravity” and a top member of the “resistance” (also a key ally of Robert Mueller with regard to bringing down Preisdent Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen over the alleged Stormy Daniels affair, i.e. consenting sex between two heterosexual adults 12 years ago), the same man who was prosecuting Harvey Weinstein and vowed to put him in jail for all his sexual misconduct/assault/harassment that he allegedly inflicted upon countless women, a man who was standing up on his high horse saying that the sexual abuse of women was utterly unacceptable and he staked his entire career and credibility as a champion of women’s rights and of feminism, well, this is the man who resigned on Monday night over a bombshell investigative report in the New Yorker, which documents  how four women claim that Schneiderman abused them, that he would beat them, choke them, spit on them, you know, the whole 9 yards of degeneracy. Schneiderman is accused of engaging in non consensual physical violence in the bedroom, especially after he’s been drinking and popping “downers. Initially, Schneiderman claimed that his violent behavior was actually sexual role playing, sado-masochism, bondage or whatever, and it was private, it was intimate, but bottom line, he said the women asked for it and wanted him to do it. However, by the end of last night, he announced his resignation. If you want to see how far the degeneracy goes in a state AG, go read the New Yorker piece.

Now, you know, resignation amounts to the same as a guilty plea to the general public. If the woman beating claim was false, he would not have resigned, don’t you think? The best part of the story was the woman who was told by her liberal friends not to make public the story because Schneiderman is otherwise such a wonderful progressive. If you ask me, he was just physically doing to one person (okay, multiple persons) what the Democrats have been doing to the American people for decades. Funny how victims keep returning to their abusers…

Has anyone noticed that for all of the allegations against Trump for vulgar behavior with women, Democrats are the only ones being proven guilty? Democrats do this all the time. Just like the Russian collusion, they always blame the other side for what they’re actually doing. Leftist tactic 101, directly from comrade Lenin/Saul Alinsky’s teachings.

That’s how Democrats (the left generally speaking) roll. The most verbose and loudest advocate-activists of this or that are almost always the worst offenders on the same issue – e. g., Al Gore (and the rest of the private-jet crowd) on CO2 emissions and global warming, Leland Yee (and the rest of the arm-guarded CA/Hollywood crowd) on gun control, the “identity politics” crowd complaining about racism, etc.  Eric Scheiderman’s just another case. Why the followers of the Democrats can’t figure this out can only be explained by the fact that they are equally hypocritical.

Bottom line, this is massive fun, the Trump Curse strikes again! The thing is, Donald Trump tweeted back in 2013:

“Weiner is gone, Spitzer is gone – next will be lightweight A.G. Eric Schneiderman. Is he a crook? Wait and see, worse than Spitzer or Weiner,”

Trump is the prophet of our times.

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