$50,000 Federal Student Debt To Be Cancelled?

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Feven Kay
is leading a proposal to cancel $50,000 in federal student debt for every American.

It’s all in an effort to end the student loan crisis and close the White/Black wealth gap.

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If everyone got $50,000 would they pay off their student debts or would they spend the money?

716 in the 702
I’ve paid off all my student debt already. Are they offering an auto loan payoff? If so count me in.

No Left Turn 🇺🇸
How are student loans a race issue?

How can the government use tax payer money to pay private debt?

The lawsuits write themselves.

What about the people that paid it off or didn’t go? Give everyone 50k and the ones that have student debt it goes straight to that. The others just get the $$$. Stop rewarding people for having debt and kids! I guess Fuck being responsible going forward …..

My Info
Biden will never allow this to happen, they need the extra money, you will have to continue paying your debt, if you could not afford it you should not have accumulated your debt Biden reported all students are stupid, they need to learn the lesson

Nice, but does this mean I get a rebate on the Student Loans I’ve paid off?

This is total insanity

This maniac is insulting every honest hardworking American who paid off their loans and is stopping payments by those still owing. The usual demlib illogical and leftist evil

Hector Longo
And you’re insulting every hard-working American who is busting their ass to make ends meet and is still paying SL debt. I’m not saying Schumer is right or wrong. I would rather money go to people, not corporate bailouts.



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