56 New Contaminants found in USA Tap Water including Radioactive Material

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Fifty-six new contaminants have been discovered in tap water in the United States over the last two years, according to a new analysis.

Among the contaminants are a number of PFAS, toxic contaminants known as “forever chemicals,” including pesticides and radioactive materials, which have been linked to health issues, such as reproductive issues and cancer.


Environmental Working Group/EWG’s scientists wanted to find out just how a complex combination of chemicals and contaminants might harm our health over time. So in 2019, we conducted a peer-reviewed study on this issue.

We found that the mixture, or “toxic cocktail,” of chemical pollutants found in many drinking water systems across the U.S. could result – if consumed over a lifetime – in more than 100,000 cancer cases.

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Some of the contaminants are discovered in specific areas, and the Environmental Working Group has created a map where people can input their zip code to see the contaminates linked to their tap water.

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Check for contaminants by zipcode here:


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