5600 Stores CLOSING Down in Massive Nationwide SHUTDOWN of American Business!

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I can’t keep up with the store closures. In no time at all we’ve already hit 5600 stores so far in 2019. This is unstoppable. The economy is falling and yet I keep hearing about the U3 unemployment rate. I can’t believe it every time I see someone talking about it. It’s really embarrassing now for them. What do you think is going on?

The amount of store closures continues to increase. Every day it seems a new chain is filing for bankruptcy. This is always happening to some degree. Stores go out of business. But to the degree we have seen in the last few years is unprecedented. We are at the same level from back in 2008 and investors don’t even know what’s happening. They may believe the rise in online sales is the absolute reason behind this. But of course, we’re seeking the data and finding that really isn’t the case.


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Stores closing include Family Dollar, Charlotte Russe in 2019 – Business Insider


Shopko store closings: All stores to close by mid-June


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Retail apocalypse continues as stores close, as seen in photos – Business Insider


Bankruptcy Top Filings


bankruptcies_by_industry_4-26-181.png (531×386)





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