5D CHESS — What Most Of You Don’t Seem To Understand About ICA 1974

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Dr. FoxKat (that’s Doctor to you)

I’ve studied the ICA 1974, and what he did was epic! He used the law the Congress created to reign in Presidential powers, and instead followed it to the letter in order to back Congress into a corner. This was Chess at 5D levels.

Don’t tell me what I know to be true is false. I read the act and understand it, but clearly you don’t. Congress ends noon on January 3rd, and if they don’t vote to make the redline changes effective, the bill dies. The new Congress cannot vote on the previous Congress bill.

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If they decide to pass on the redline Rescissions, they will kill the bill and it will be on their records. That’s political suicide for many of them. They will be primaried if they don’t pass because they didn’t get their pork. It was 5D Chess by Trump.

He played them with their own politics. He followed the letter of the act and they’re backed into a corner. Either they agree to his redline Rescissions (all of them), and he wins, or they sign their own political death warrants. That’s why Dems and RINOs are so upset now.



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