5G Technology Wireless – Look What Your Family is Getting Without a Choice!

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by Thinker
5g Technology for more power and control over the masses or faster way to a doctor visit?
In regards to 5G Technology; be very careful with using or even being around this new and presently being fazed-in, 5G technology. Why? Well, because it’s very dangerous and tremendously toxic to Nature, Animals, Birds and Bees, Etc., and Humans’ Biological System, on an Atomic and Cellular level. Featured Guest Speaker: Mr. Kevin Mottus; an Environmental Health Advocate from the California Brain Tumors Association.

Technology EXPOSED! 5G, Cell Towers, Artificial Intelligence, iPhone X — REAL Agenda
Over a million dollars a day spent to electronically watch and target Realist News journalist Thinker for exposing the Trey Gowdy truth agenda. It’s been so bad for Gowdy, that he is leaving the corruption and pedophiles of the new world order behind. Trump is next! With the invisible attacks on Christians and truth turning sinister, elite pedophiles in the highest positions are working hard to rid Washington of anyone who wants to expose them.
Trey Gowdy, since 2011 has exposed more corruption at the highest levels in Washington than ever before. Now like Cynthia McKinney, Gowdy who loved what he did, is now seeing how evil the beast can be. The invisible war on the mind and body of those who want truth, justice, and freedom for all is where missing money is going. Who wants peace, love, and unity? Who is doing everything to prevent that from ever happening?
Technology EXPOSED! 5G, Cell Towers, Artificial Intelligence, iPhone X — The REAL Agenda!
Per the “development” of 5G Technology, Apple has recently announced their latest iPhone X (iPhone 10) as of September 12th, 2017, with a release date back on November 3rd, 2017. This was alongside the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus — also smartphones developed and marketed via Apple Inc. But how “smart” is “smart” technology really getting? How “smart” is your smartwatch? Or smartphone? Or smart TV? Is technology starting to replace the face of people? Is technology the new “smart”?
While much of the world eerily and ignorantly awaits the arrival of newer, smarter, and durable technologies, there is a more sinister plot courtesy the elite — That is, the weaponization of WiFi, cell phone towers, extremely low frequencies (ELFs), low frequencies (LFs), high frequencies, and other MK-ULTRA mind control methods pursuant to the plans and goals of the New World Order. These plans also involve the usage of 5G, artificial intelligence, robots, drones, Siri who is the voice for millions of phones, and Sophia The Saudi Arabian Robot (Official Citizen)…
While such technology is “acceptable” to much of the public world, could all of this be leading up to an Illuminati grand scheme? Could the weaponization of such technology REALLY unleash something even more sinister?
How do CERN, The Mandela Effect, D-Wave technology, quantum computers, and alternate realities ALL play a role?!
Will all of this play a role in The End Times?!

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