$6 gas in 2022? IKEA To Hike Prices 9%… BARR: US ‘Third World’ In 2022?

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This state may see nearly $6 gas in 2022: study

Start saving those pennies as driving your car may cost way more in 2022, predicts gas price tracking firm GasBuddy.

In a new study released on Wednesday, GasBuddy forecasts the nationwide average price for gas will be $3.41 in 2022. The current price nationwide averages about $3.29. GasBuddy thinks prices could near $4 a gallon by June as drivers take to the roads for the summer.

As no surprise, California is seen as primed for more gas price inflation in 2022.

Thanks To Supply Chain Bottlenecks, IKEA To Hike Prices By 9% This Year

As global supply chain problems persist, Swedish furniture maker IKEA plans to hike its prices.

CNN Business reported:

Ikea said prices at its stores will increase by an average of 9% around the world to help offset significant transportation and raw material costs incurred by Ingka Group, which owns and operates most of Ikea stores worldwide.

With its do-it-yourself philosophy embodied in its virtually staff-free showrooms to its flat-packed furniture, Ikea has become synonymous with low prices and value. Despite surging costs during the pandemic, Ikea stores had largely kept prices stable. But, as commodity and shipping prices continued to surge, the company said it was no longer able to absorb that damage to its bottom line.

“Unfortunately, now, for the first time since higher costs have begun to affect the global economy, we have to pass parts of those increased costs onto our customers,” IKEA retail operations manager said in a statement, according to CNN Business. “Our intention is to give back to the customer any decrease in purchase prices we get.”

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BARR: Will The US Continue Its Slide To ‘Third World’ Status In 2022?

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For as long as I can remember, whenever I went through the checkout line at our local supermarket, the cashier would ask politely, “Did you find everything you were looking for, Sir?” Until recently, I routinely answered, “Yes, thank you,” although I would think to myself, Of course I found everything, this is the United States. No longer.

For the past year, when I am asked that question by the always very polite supermarket cashier, my answer has become, “No, but thank you for asking.” In my mind, I find myself wanting to ask the cashier, have we become a Third World country?

Welcome to the Brave New World of Biden’s America, where empty grocery store shelves and gas station pumps festooned with the little yellow bags indicating empty pumps have become the norm.


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